5 Stages to Changing Your Eating Behaviour

Have you ever had someone try to convince you that their journey to healthy eating will work for you, to only find that it just doesn't? And now they think you didn't try hard enough and have just given up and you think well maybe I can't do this? What if I told you that they were wrong, that you can do it, that you just need to approach the change differently. Would you believe me? Well let me show you.

The Stages of Change

Evidence suggests that to maximise the likelihood of changing your eating behaviours strategies need to be tailored to your level of readiness. This means that if you implement strategies better suited to another stage your likelihood of change is low. Alternatively, if you implement strategies better suited to the stage representing your level of readiness your likelihood of change is much higher.

Well, what stage am I?

Before developing a strategy to help change your eating behaviour it's important to understand what your level of readiness is, and what stage you fall into.

Take the quiz to find out >> What 'Stage of Change' am I?

What next?

After completing the questionnaire you will be redirected to a page with your results. From there we will discuss the stages of change and how to tackle your eating behaviours once and for all.

Take the quiz to find out >> What 'Stage of Change' am I?

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